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You'll find a large assortment in old and antique door handles, as well as new door Hardware in brass, nickel, bronze and door handles in iron with imitation ivory, bakelite or wood.

Normally one pair of door handles won't be too hard to find, but if you need more pairs of the same type, it might be problematic to find them. It's also hard to find a replica. That's why we developed our own line. In the shop you'll find the right door hardware.

We have several Dutch and French door handles available, made of different materials like uncoated messing, nickel bronze as well as uncoated messing in antique look, either finished with bakelite or ebony.

The door handles as shown below are pairs wich have been produced in replica.

Are you looking for hardware for your cup board, kitchen cabinet, we have grips and buttons in bronze, wood and porcelain.

Save your time and don't search any longer. Just contact. We appreciate your visit at De Galanterie

Online orders for retro doorhardware you can make by fill in item numbers on CONTACT above or visit our webshop