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De Galanterie a household name in DOORHARDWARE

Doorhardware in old dutch style, biggest assortment.
"De Galanterie" a shop in antiques and curiosities and sited in the village Nieuwersluis, 15 km from the heart of Amsterdam and 15 km from the heart of Utrecht. The Rijksstraatweg is the old road from Amsterdam to Utrecht and was constructed by Napoleon and skirts for the greater part the magnificence river "De Vecht" with all its country seats and merchant houses. Our specialty is old pottery and all sorts of things to give your kitchen a rustic atmosphere.

Walk with us through the links and get a good impression what you can find in our shop. Enjoy yourself and hopefully we will meet you one day in " De Galanterie".

Online orders for retro doorhardware you can make by fill in item numbers on CONTACT above or visit our webshop

Opening times for retail sales:

Thursday morning :only by appointment
Friday morning :only by appointment
Saturday :10:10 - 17:05 hour